Cartersville "Buy Georgia Grown" Sale

We are offering the following plants for pre-order, to be picked up in Cartersville at the Bartow County Extension parking lot (320 W Cherokee Ave), this Saturday from 9-10am.

To order, email and I will email you an invoice that can be paid via card or PayPal.



Spaghetti Squash

Flat Leaf Parsley


This hardy groundcover has silver foliage year-round, and in late Spring - Summer it is covered in bright white blooms. For best display, trim back by a third after blooms are spent. This groundcover fills in quickly and is tolerant of poor soil and slopes.

Ginkgo Biloba Tree

These unique and beautiful trees have fan shaped leaves that turn a spectacular golden yellow in Fall. A very hardy tree that is often planted in cities due to its ability to tolerate adverse conditions. I bought these as seedlings 1 year ago from another GA grower and have grown them into 2 gal pots.