Lemon Balm "Limoncello"
Lemon Balm "Limoncello"

Lemon Balm "Limoncello"

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Full Sun
Container Friendly
Loamy Soil
Medium Height
Plant Size: 18oz container, 6"-12" tall.

" Perennial hardy from USDA zones 4-9. This lemon balm is much more strongly lemon scented than any other lemon balm variety! Leaves are infused with intoxicating flavor and fragrance. The crawling habit makes this an enthralling container plant as it “spills” from hanging baskets and pots. It also makes a delightful, scented ground cover and is a delicious tea plant to add citrusy notes to your blends. Small white blooms appear in summer. Height 6-12 inches, 20-24 inches wide."

- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds / RareSeeds.com