Lettuce "New Red Fire"
Lettuce "New Red Fire"

Lettuce "New Red Fire"

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Container Friendly
Loamy Soil
Medium Height
40 Days to Maturity
Plant Size: 18oz container, 6"-12" tall.

"Popular among growers for its uniformity, intense color and bolt tolerance.

Large, loose heads are green at the base and very dark red at the ruffled leaf edges. Retains its crisp fresh flavor throughout the season. Superior to Red Sails for full size heads.

  • All-season lettuce
  • Bolt resistant

Disease Resistances: TB: Tip Burn, BR: Bottom Rot or Rhizoctonia, DM: Downy Mildew (races indicated if known), MT0-10: indicates that 0 seeds out of 10,000 have tested positive for LMV. Aphid-resistant varieties are bred to reduce the spread of LMV from non-resistant crops."

- High Mowing Organic Seeds