Tatsoi Greens
Tatsoi Greens

Tatsoi Greens

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Container Friendly
Loamy Soil
Cold Tolerant
40 Days to Maturity
Plant Size: 18oz container, 6"-12" tall.

"(B. rapa) Tatsoi is nicknamed Vitamin Green, and rightfully so. This gourmet green is known as one of the richest sources of vitamin C and it is replete with other incredible vitamins, minerals, and health-promoting compounds! Its glossy and tender leaves pack 2 times as much vitamin C as that of an orange and twice as much calcium as an equal serving of milk! Tatsoi also boasts glucosinolates (which science shows are converted to cancer fighting compounds in the body) and carotenoids, which promote eye health. You won’t have to bargain with your kids to get them to eat this veggie. It’s super sweet and easy to love, with a mild and refreshing flavor. The low-growing rosettes are comprised of tiny, glossy spoon-shaped leaves that boast crisp and juicy mouth-feel."

- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds / RareSeeds.com