Tomato "Sweetheart Cherry"
Tomato "Sweetheart Cherry"

Tomato "Sweetheart Cherry"

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Full Sun
Loamy Soil
Tall Height
Plant Size: 18oz container, 6"-12" tall.

" Sugar-sweet, crunchy and so delicious! This cherry tomato is simply packed with sweetness and a rich, berry-like flavor. It is quite crisp, and the fruit can keep long on the vine, making it extra high in sugar! Sweetheart Cherry is a wildly productive little snacking tomato great for greenhouse and outdoor production. This was an outstanding tomato in our trials for flavor and yield, and the strong vines produced heavy yields of tomatoes longer than any other variety we have tried! Extra long trusses are smothered in small red cherry-sized fruit that resists cracking. Allow the fruit to ripen on the vine to a deep red for the very sweetest flavor, or pick earlier if you like it a bit more tangy; either way it is superb! It proved productive and flavorful even in our cool winter greenhouses, with only 42 F degrees at night. These little strawberry-shaped jewels were a staff favorite last season."

- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds /