Watermelon "Royal Golden"
Watermelon "Royal Golden"

Watermelon "Royal Golden"

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Container Friendly
Loamy Soil
Plant Size: 18oz container, 6"-12" tall.

"A Family Favorite! The most beautiful watermelon we carry; the rind of this heirloom turns brilliant golden-yellow when ripe! The distinctive color makes it a snap to know when to harvest and is so beautiful in your garden. The tasty pinkish-red flesh is super -sweet, crisp and refreshing. This variety is much larger than ‘Golden Midget’, with fruit weighing 8-25 lbs. We are so happy to offer seed for this great old melon that used to be offered by Willhite Seed of Poolville, Texas, until they discontinued it from their catalog in the 1970s and it almost disappeared. It was developed from “Pumpkin Rind” variety, a now extinct, early American watermelon. The Royal Goldens still do remind us of big glowing pumpkins and their vines are even mostly yellow. One of the best tasting watermelons ever!"

- Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds / RareSeeds.com